Saint Aymes – Where Beauty and Divine Taste Meet

Who doesn’t love a delectable meal in the company of exotic floral decorations? Surely, not much people! Well, I sure am one of those who loves it and my recent venture at Saint Aymes Café just had this. 

A meal can be easily turned into a heavenly treat while you have it by the floral wall in Saint Aymes. The café has all its walls adorned with beautiful flowers making it perfect for a selfie junkie as well as an Instagram influencer. The best thing is that the café is not all beauty and pretty face only rather their food is delicious too. I particularly loved how they had put the macaron pyramid on the counter to keep me guessing their texture and taste. 


saint aymes


The plush pink loveseat was so inviting and classy that it was worth trying a few poses on. The tables upstairs and on the terrace were all exquisite with flower framed windows. This made me expect a lot from the meal that I ordered. And I was far from disappointed when I took the first mouthful. The sweet crepes, hand coated chocolates, and pastries were as divinely tasty as inviting they looked. 


saint aymes


Chocolate Coupelle is one thing that I keep thinking to have a go at again since it had such a rich chocolate mousse that I couldn’t stop myself from eating it all. The tiny Petit Fours were a thing of beauty too. They were little cakes with gold topping which quite easily can be categorized as the star of the café. The afternoon tea comes with a lot of delicacies each more lovely than the last one. The macarons were just the perfect dessert in the collection which still has a lingering taste on my memory.


saint aymes


The drinks were all lovely and the creative names like Mermaid’s Tea and Unicorn Tears kept me thrilled. Since I felt brave, I thought to risk their signature unicorn latte. I was quite apprehensive, but it turned out to be heavenly. I would have asked for another cup if it had not been so rich and my stomach had not been bursting with all the goodies that I had already eaten. Saint Aymes has cakes made from the expert bakers and freshly delivered so that their clients get the best of everything. Their own Belgian Chocolate Cheesecake is a pure delicacy which rewards the taste buds in just the right way for you to want more.


saint aymes


The staff at Saint Aymes were ever so friendly and diligent. They even suggested their signature delicacies and I loved each one of the items that they recommended. The exterior and interior of the café were both magical like a set from a fairytale. The artistically put together sweets were even better than the décor and this is what makes me sing Saint Aymes whenever my gal pals ask for any café recommendations in London. 

So, grab the tea tray that you love and settle down in the lovely café to have one of the best times of your life!


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