Élan Café – Where Food Fantasies Come Alive

Élan Coffee

Elan Café is one of the loveliest places in London to drop. Everything from the décor to the taste and presentation of food is so perfect that you have a hard time believing it is somewhere on earth and not originated from the heavens. This is exactly what I felt when I visited the Elan Café. The outdoor has a lovely English feel with small coffee tables and white chairs, for ones who prefer to dine in the outdoors. You can even sit there and read while sipping coffee or hot chocolate. Then as soon as you enter the café, there is a whole new world awaiting you.

The interior is designed exquisitely with all the white and pink predominant in the design.

Decorations at Élan Café

The café is well lit and is not like the usual dim-lit dining places that we go to. It was a refreshing change from the usual dining experiences that I have had earlier. I particularly loved the hundreds of pinks, white and red roses that they have used for décor of tables with lines like I love you a latte written over them. This is something that you just cannot help smiling at, can you?

Cakes at Elan Café

Well, the sweetness is not all over just there. The literally sweet things there are delicious and heartwarming too. 

Élan Café's Floral tea

Yes, I am talking about the lovely cakes and desserts that Café Elan serves. The delicacies are so good that they melt right into your mouth taking you to a new place where there are only great taste and foody pleasure.

pastry strawberry

The coffee and stuff that they serve are so fresh and perfectly done that you cannot stop at one helping, which makes you want to come here again and again. I personally loved the sponge of the cake that I had a lot since it had such a rich chocolaty sweet texture that it was hard not to love it.

Élan Café

So, the food in Elan Café was a definite hit for me!

Elan Café shop

London has a lot of cafes and restaurants dotting the sides of pavements which beautify its appearance and culture even more. However, Elan Café is distinguished from other eateries in London because it has a very different environment and the quality of food served there. The exterior and interior of Elan Café are both pictures perfect with the relish-worthy food served there.

Travelling surely is rewarding, but places like Café Elan and the heart winning delicious food that they serve to make traveling even more gratifying and fun. The café is one of the most Instagrammable places in London, for it has the right amount of underlying charm, class, and fun-filled atmosphere. The floral décor and perfect lighting indoors make it, even more, camera-friendly and ultimately Instagram friendly. So, if you happen to be in England and want to get some amazing pictures to post on your Instagram profile then stop by at Elan Café and see how happy you are with the results. Café Elan is very popular within blogger and instagramers for its nice decor and flower arrangements. They are using this place for their London Blogs and lifestyle blogging.

So, if you love traveling and exploring new places to eat then give Café Elan a visit and experience happiness in its truest form!



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