What is Etherne?

Etherne is a bespoke Mobile Hair and Beauty service offering professional services in hair and beauty at client’s home, location and convenience across London. Etherne delivers the quality treatment and experience as a salon at a more affordable rate and convenience with just a booking.

What Services Does Etherne Offer?

Etherne currently offers services in hair styling, make up, nails and beauty treatments. We have packages crafted to suit every client’s needs.

What type of Service Should I expect?

At Etherne, we toe the line of professionalism as we ensure that our services are delivered with utmost quality and satisfaction. Our team consists of selected professionals and experts who have been highly trained, certified and experienced to work according to industry standards, customer relations and delivery. So with Etherne, nothing short of professionalism and quality is guaranteed.

What are Etherne’s Hours of Operation?

We offer a 24 hours operation of qualified service, 7 days a week contact us for details. So you don’t have to take a time off work to get your hair and beauty needs as our professionals are available round the clock.

How Do I Book an Appointment?

Bookings can be done online via our website or via telephone.

What is Etherne's Cancellation Policy?

In the event that you need to amend or cancel your booking, we require 18 hours’ notice prior to your appointment to enable us issue a full refund or offer a reschedule/amendment.

What Happens Where Either I Or My Professional Is Running Late?

If you happen to be running late for your appointment, our professional could wait for 15 minutes. Where you are more than 15 minutes late kindly contact us on 020 3851 7796 and we will try our best to accommodate you. if you fail to be at the designed property after 15 minutes of your booked appointment time without contacting us, we charge 100% of our ser-vice costs.

What Are Payment Options?

All Bookings are paid for via online payment to ensure a faster means of booking. The payments are made through any of the listed payment channels provided on our website.

Are The Products Being Used of Good Quality and Can you use your Products?

We ensure to use quality, tested and trusted products and tools for our treatments and services. In the event that you do not want our products due to reasons such as allergies, preference and any other reasons, you’re welcome to provide and use your personal products.

Who Can I contact If I Have Questions, Complaints Or Feedback?

If you have a question or complaints or feedback, kindly contact us via email without hesitation and we will be sure to get back to you shortly as we always love to help and support. We appre-ciate feedbacks and love receiving them to improve our quality and delivery.

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